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January - September 2002

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Your name: :   moira elder
Your message: :   im just checking you all out im from the luanshya page
Your name: :   Nigel Jackson
Your message: :   Thanks to those of you who attended the recent get together at River Bend Country House for making it such an enjoyable day!
Your name: :   Sandy
Your message: :   Welcome to all Mufulirians using this Message Board - I hope you enjoy it, and get to make contact with anyone you are looking for ....
Your name: :   Merle Geraghty (van Dijck)
Your message: :   Thank you for the reunion Day at Rivabend, it was wonderful. I have just found the address for Rhodesian Worldwide Magazine it is
Your name: :   Wilma Wall (Henry)
Your message: :   Dear All, Glad to hear that the bash went well. I have also been in touch with Gale Wade, she was my teacher in Mufulira. Maybe if the next bash is in Durban I will be able to bring my dad Bert Henry to it. Love Wilma
Your name: :   Tersia Cook
Your message: :   To ALL the friends, past and present at the Mufulira Get-together at Riverbend last month, greetings and Thank you to those wonderful organisers for another perfect day.....
Your name: :   Peter Nel
Your message: :   Thanks to the gang who are working so hard to keep this site going, its almost as if time stood still(I wish) Your time and effort is appreciated,and sorry i missed the reunion on the 27th. Cheers from Perth,down under.
Your name: :   MALCOLM BENTON
Your name: :   Wilma Wall (Henry)
Your message: :   I was speaking to My best friend tonight Les Main and told her about this site. So if there is anyone out there that wants to get in touch. Let me know, I know she would love to hear from you lot. Love Wilma
Your name: :   Angelos Roussos
Your message: :   Mick & Barbara Rush address is PO Box 2115 Krugersdorp 1740 RSA
Your name: :   Angelos
Your message: :   
Your name: :   Angelos Roussos
Your message: :   While reading John Horbury's memories, I came across the name of Tug Wilson, He and I worked together and if my memory serves right it was at the Petersen incline shafts. He was a funny little man, always full as a boot, he had a single quarter but never
Your name: :   Angelos Roussos
Your message: :   To Malcom Benton who is inquiring about "RAOB" Buffs regalia in his possesion. I'am an old Buff from the Congo Border Lodge and maybe I can help. Who's regalia have do you have, no name was mentioned. If you need any info please contact me via emailmy em
Your name: :   Paul Cowie
Your message: :   Nigel, you're a scholar and a gentleman! AT LAST we have a message board that is totally user friendly. Brilliant...thank you!;0) The Muf bash was atreat of note, and it's always a pleasure to end up at Rivabend. Thanks for all the hard work, Paddy and D
Your name: :   Irene White (Barnard)
Your message: :   Glad that you all had a super duper time at the reunion, I had told my sister Diana about it, unfortunately Pat (Raubenheimer), her husband had emergency open heart surgery, I phoned him and by all accounts is on the mend and in good spirits, thank the Lo
Your name: :   Angelos Roussos
Your message: :   Messages seem to be cut short. Is there a limit to how big the message should be?
Your name: :   Paul Cowie
Your message: :   Yes Angelos, it appears as if there's a limit to stop ramblers like me taking up all the space! ;0)
Your name: :   Gina Gordon
Your message: :   First time on the message board, it,s great to see you are communicating. Love to all, far away from Africa.
Your name: :   Merlynne Knott
Your message: :   This is great, thanks the hard workers. How do I get hold of Claire Weaver(Mounsey)? Love to hear about all the Mufs
Your name: :   f Sinkala
Your message: :   Nice site. Keep up with the good work. fS from Mufulira
Your name: :   ANNE HALDANE
Your name: :   Wilma Wall (Henry)
Your message: :   Hello there all you Mufulira folks. How come nobody is using this site.So let's make a start and keep in touch. Love Wilma
Your name: :   Eddie.Deerin
Your message: :   Love the site, nice that there are still a lot out there that remember muf in the past.any one know where Andre.Rychac
Your name: :   Gina Gordon.
Your message: :   Hi Eddie. Andre lives in the Witbank area, he was a the first Re-union,unfortunatly his mom died the next day. I will get his details and let you have them.
Your name: :   Gina Gordon
Your message: :   I am looking for Carol Coumbus I knew her when we lived in Nkana before coming to Muf. She had two sisters Dawn and Elenor.Her uncle George Coumbus had the Coca Cola depot in Kitwe.Theo was her dad.
Your name: :   Noel Cowie
Your message: :   Hi Guys, Wonderful time at the reunion. Any one know whereabouts of Susan Cranckshaw / Robby Booth / Eddie Wakefield? Cheers.
Your name: :   len mcombs
Your message: :   anyone know where paddy morran went toafter he left muff in the 70s i worked with him in wankie in the 60s he went to muff and i went to luanshya anyone know his whereabouts let me know thanks len.
Your name: :   Wilma Wall (Henry)
Your message: :   Hi all you ex Mufulira people, when are they going to update this site. It would be a shame if it disappeared after all the hard work that went into it. So come on let us keep it going. Love Wilma
Your name: :   Wilma Wall (Henry)
Your message: :   Hi everybody, This is just a quick note to let you know that my father BERT HENRY passed away yesterday. Lots of Love Wilma
Your name: :   Lighty Samaras
Your message: :   We have two swimmers going to the games in Manchester from Mufulira. Anyone there please give them all the support. Andre Kuenzli and Ursula Kuenzli
Your name: :   Norman Kenward
Your message: :   Hello to all! Formerly from Muf. Had Photo Business for many years in Muf. '57 to '85. Do recognise many of your subscribers. Best wishes to all. Norman Kenward
Your name: :   John Bruce (young john)
Your message: :   Hello to everyone from Muf those still there and those every where. Please email me on
Your name: :   Graeme J McLoughlin
Your message: :   Hello, I lived in Muf from 1956 to 1976. Have not been to Muf for a long time. I recently had a vacation in Lusaka and wanted to visit copperbelt, but was informed copperbelt was very poor with lots of poverty etc. Has anyone been to Muf recently? What is
Your name: :   Davina Craine
Your message: :   PROPOSED MUFULIRA REUNION SATURDAY, 10 MAY 2003 VILLAGE HOTEL, BURY, LANCASHIRE To be organised by Joyce Ritchie and myself. We require numbers by 10 August 2002 to negotiate room rates. Contact Details: Joyce Tel No: +44 (0)1875 610499 joyce
Your name: :   Davina Craine
Your message: :   PROPOSED MUFULIRA REUNION SEE PREVIOUS MESSAGE Contact Details: Joyce Tel No: +44 (0)1875 610499 Davina Tel No: +44 (0)1291 626246
Your name: :   Valerie Rose
Your message: :   On 3 August I'm going back to Muf for the first time in 36 years. I left in 1965. Is there anything in particular people would like a photo of? I'll do my best to oblige. My maiden name was Oddy (Dad was Benny, Mum is Suzanne, brother David, sister Alex).
Your name: :   Neil Ashton
Your message: :   Many thanks for your efforts in enabling us Mufulirian's to get in contact with one another again after all these years. Some of you will remember my folks, Vee & Ken Ashton? Also my sisters Lyn & Carol? Both my Mom and Dad have unfortunately passed away,
Your name: :   Don Ravenscroft
Your message: :   No Not Senior, the son was Donals now Don like my Dad and my son is now 'Donald' greetings to all Mufulirans (sounds like we are aliens) in a way i suppose we are. What sweet ans bittersweet memories we have. please give me a call sometime 011-7872697. An
Your name: :   Don Ravenscroft
Your message: :   Wilma and Irene thanks for the replies. Alan Olivato was in Muf recently and has some great photos. contact him for copies
Your name: :   Gina Gordon.
Your message: :   Congratulations to Nigel and Yvonne Jackson on the birth of the long awaited first grandchild.A baby girl Hanna Jackson. born 29/7/02.Love to all. From the Muf Club.
Your name: :   Bill Knott
Your message: :   Ottawa. Dad - Bob or Robert, is 91 on Saturday coming. Lives in Belfast. Saw your posting, Merlynne!
Your name: :   Mark
Your message: :   
Your name: :   Mark McDonald
Your message: :   Anyone remember the McDonalds(Rab Kath,Linda,Mark and Bobbie. Mail me on (67'-82')
Your name: :   Eric Walker
Your message: :   Mark,I remember your dad and mom your dad played football with my older brother Alec in Mufulira.
Your name: :   Desmond Daddy
Your message: :   Hi Carol Short, Hear from your folks @ Xmas. How about contact Dawn & Des @ Regards D & D
Your name: :   Davina Craine (Powell)
Your message: :   MURULIRA REUNION weekend 9/10/11 May 2003 Village Hotel Bury Nr Manchester Telephone 0161 764 4444 Booking Reference CRAN020503 Please book ASAP
Your name: :   jc
Your message: :   Just wanted to inform you of a new website on Zambia called The Zambian ( )
Your name: :   Graham Gregory
Your message: :   Was resident in Muf from 70 to 78. looking for ex Chambishi staff that may still be around. Any news of Tom and Sue Barclay last heard of in Polpero in Cornwall, UK.

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