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Mufulira Contact List - Surnames P to T
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Welcome to the Mufulira Contact List. The Contact List is maintained alphabetically per individual's or couple's surname, where possible we have tried to include the maiden name of the wife (where applicable), as well as telephone or email details.

Please click on the letter of the alphabet below, for quick reference to our List - you can contact the person you are looking for IMMEDIATELY by calling or emailing them directly.

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Surname Maiden Name First Names Email Telephone No. Country
Pain   Chris    Canada
Papier Wallace Linda   Zambia
Parkin   Bernie & Marcel  0116786872  South Africa
Parkins   Clarrie &Charmaine  0114554900 South Africa
Parkins   Val   031 3129733 South Africa
Patel   Kanoobhai & Savita 905-607-3389 Canada
Pearson   Graham UK
Pearson Qurida (Cupie)
Pass Bernard
Perry   Andrew  01772 467480 UK
Pfeffer   Eddie   USA
Pickering    Peter & Petty   South Africa
Pieri Andrew & Karen Mufulira
Pigrum   Dennis & May   Australia
Pollock   Bruce 021 686 3247 South Africa
Potts   Dick   Australia
Potter Galloti Ron & Dawn (031) 767-1855 South Africa
Poulsen   Lone 0117267785 South Africa
Powell   Tom  +971 (50) 6255234 mobile Dubai
Pretorius  Cox Vic and Gill 039 315 6312 South Africa
Purdon   Hubert    USA
Querl    Deidre VIA:   Mufulira
Raikes   Robert (Bob)  01656 668683 Wales,
Ramsey   Denise 011 318 1828 South Africa
Ramsey   Helen (012) 668 1756 South Africa
Rasmussen Vermaak Olwyn (011) 465-7937 South Africa
Raubenheimer   Barbara cell + 26 096 925624 Zambia
Ravenscroft   Don
(011) 787 2696 South Africa
Ravenscroft   Adeline (043) 841 1262 South Africa
Reader David and Sue UK
Redfern   Valda   UK
Redman   Lindsay Dianne +27 21 448-3517 South Africa
Reid   Jock & Helen   South Africa
Renaud    Vaughn    South Africa
Renaud   Yvonne    South Africa
Reynolds   Frank      
Rhodes   Nikolas & Jeanne 0839918832 South Africa
Rice   Ann     
Rice-Byrnes Younghusband Freda 0064 9 267 1776 New Zealand
Richards   Wilson 07799 370390 South Africa
Richardson   Michael 01642 769304 UK
Richardson   Peter 01642 769304 UK
Richardson   John    UK
Riddle   Des   0824600373  
Ridley   Peter & Janet    
Ridgeway   Derrick   031 762 1535 South Africa
Ries   June and John     USA
Robinson   Ken & Diane   South Africa
Robinson   Peter & Lynne Australia
Rogers Smithers Linda 010-1-705-277-1999 Canada
Room Forbes Lynn   South Africa
Rose  Oddy Valerie United Kingdom
Ross    Brian    South Africa
Rostad    Ole    Norway
Rossiter Gordon +1 863 644 0523
Roussos Thomas Angelos & Glynnis   Australia
Roux Beech Heather   0118134352 South Africa
Rowson    John and Sylvia 01912529414 UK
Rudd   Derek 013 9544 2891 UK
Rugg  Street Marilyn   South Africa
Rush Gordon Graton & Denise   South Africa
Rush Wiffler Mike & Barbara     South Africa
Rutherford Peter UK
Ryciak Gunn Elaine   South Africa
Rydzewski Chris   Poland
Sachdeva Vipin  USA
Samaras   Lighty   Mufulira
Sammons   John and Ilza +27 15781 2809  South Africa
Sammons   Vaughan 083 2535 414  South Africa
Scholtz   Andre   South Africa
Schmidt Shaw Pat   South Africa
Scott   Doug & Iona 0117634976 South Africa
Scott Marsh Joan  0116590227 South Africa
Scott-Riddell Clark Veronica  0829642129 Uganda
Sharp   Kevin 348-2902 South Africa
Shaw  Hansen Karin    South Africa
Sheffield   Cyril & Anneta    South Africa
Short Keogh Carol (012) 807-2728 South Africa
Siame Gondwe Alice    Zambia
Sianyabo   Welcome 203-414-9633 USA
Sibson   Judy & Pete     
Simpson Thomas Julia 07 3271 2604 Australia
Simpson   Andre  0044-1493.662277 UK
Silver    Graham 0161 799 4310 Manchester
Sinclair    Richard   South Africa
Siwila    Billings   South Africa
Schoeman   Leon & Elize 0829753067 South Africa
Short   Dave    South Africa
Simon    Heinz 263 09 245294 Zimbabwe
Sinclair    Alan and Brenda   Australia
Siwila   Derick   USA
Skinner Whitton Christine 084 888 7770 South Africa
Slaughter     Steve     New Zealand
Slinger     John    Franklin, USA
Slowe    Clive & Lynne    0835645231 South Africa
Small Scott Clive & Anne    Australia
Small     Bruce    South Africa
Smith   Anthony    0783275004 SA
Smith   David     USA
Smith Rijpstra Laura +41 1 850 46 59   
Smith Snyman Linda (031) 261 5496 South Africa
Smylie   James    South Africa
Solanki   Vijay   UK
Sneddon   Harry 083 324 2556 South Africa
Sneddon   Bill (813)892-9624 USA
Sneddon   Mike    South Africa
Stanbury   Nevelle    016 423 2475 South Africa
Staniland   Ann and Ray   UK
Stead   Lesley 083 3814660 South Africa
Stewart   John and Judy 01642 484785 UK
Stewart   Karen   UK
Stirk   Neil 011 713 9824 South Africa
Stratford   Chris    
Streets   Chris and Mary   UK
Stuckie   Terence (Ted)

083 373 7723

South Africa
Surdut   Ben & Esther    South Africa
Sutherland Campbell Lynette   0731722691 South Africa
Swartz Street Michael & Sharon   South Africa
Tatalias  Attridge Joan  083 762 0165  South Africa
Tavener Casidy Suzanne   UK
Taylor Gray Norrie & Vera    South Africa
Taylor    Steve   Canada
Taylor    Warren   South Africa
Terry   Peter & Avril   Australia
Thomas   Gilbert   UK
Thomas   Owen   South Africa
Thomson    Jimmy & Iris   South Africa
Tiat     Chris (Pippa)     
Tichauer     Max 021 7825668 South Africa
Tiran Pelser Ann [021] 930-1712 South Africa
Tovey   Philip John
South Africa
Towers Woodward Gillian 041-360 5120 South Africa
Trent   Phyllis    0117823800 South Africa
Trent    Clive    South Africa
Tsochlas   Alex   Mufulira
Tsochlas   Kostaki   Mufulira
Tulsiram    Jay (Jayanth)   Canada
Turner Jones Brian and Claire   England
Turner Timlin Christine & George 031 903 6038 South Africa
Turner   Reg & Marge    
Turner-Tsochlas   Janis Anne   Mufulira
Turnbull   Glen (Touchè)   England
Turnbull   Ian & Christine  082 922 4429 South Africa
Turnbull Ferguson Janis  082 922 4429 England
Turton   Peter & Janet   UK
Twigg    Graham    South Africa
Twigg   Mike    Canada

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