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Mufulira Contact List - Surnames U to Z
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Welcome to the Mufulira Contact List. The Contact List is maintained alphabetically per individual's or couple's surname, where possible we have tried to include the maiden name of the wife (where applicable), as well as telephone or email details.

Please click on the letter of the alphabet below, for quick reference to our List - you can contact the person you are looking for IMMEDIATELY by calling or emailing them directly.

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Surname Maiden Name First Names Email Telephone No. Country
 Underwood     Mervyn (036) 35-2546  South Africa
Unger     Tony    South Africa
Uren    George    South Africa
Valkenburg    Joan    
Van der Heever   Danny & Marie 039 6952791 South Africa
Van Dijck  Geraghty  Merle (011) 782-6981 South Africa
van Niekerk Ashton Lynette 082 701 8345 South Africa
Van Staden    Zack & Joan    0118262184 South Africa
Van Zummeren    Cindyann   043 7482017 South Africa
van Zyl Brown Roslyn   South Africa
Ved    Rajul   UK
Vera    Jan   South Africa
Vermeulen    Henry    083 462 5452 South Africa
Visser   Botha Antoinette   South Africa
Wall  Henry Peter & Wilma    Holland
Walker    Vanessa    0119184389 South Africa
Walker   Madeleine   South Africa
Walker   Alex   Australia
Walker    Pam & Eric   Australia
Wallace   Hendry & Sue 260 2 224672 Zambia
Wallace   Mark 
(c/o sister Linda)
Wallace    Ian & Jenny   UK
Wallis Stone Sheila   South Africa
Ward    Len & Gwen       South Africa
Warren    Merle & Jackie   UK
Wasserman    Wendy & Ray 043 7482017 South Africa
Watson Campher Doug & Christina 011 678 2811 South Africa
Watson Haddock Ken & Gen   033 3303313 South Africa
Werner Brinton Keith & Anne    South Africa
Webers    Hans 0117949564 South Africa
Webers Albertze June 082 498 3458 South Africa
Westmorland Walker Vanessa   South Africa
Westbrook Wiffler Errol & Maureen    083 6226 742 South Africa
Westbrook   Clive & Pat    South Africa
White   Robin M.   UK
White Barnard Irene     
Whitty   John and Sheila 01306 880205 UK
Wilkes   Mike   Australia
Wienand   Vernon   U.S.A.
Williams   John   United Kingdom
Williams   Ken   UK
Williams Lombe Mumba   Wales, UK
Willis   Arthur   South Africa
Wilmans    Arthur (031) 765-5622 South Africa
Wilson     Butch     South Africa
Wilson Small Melanie   Canada
Wilson    Raymond 082 777 1000 South Africa
Winter Ferreira Elbie   South Africa
Winterburn   Barry    United Kingdom
Wilkinson   Margaret   New Zealand
Wood    Bert    011 835 3644 South Africa
Wood   Cynthia and Dave 7 33855854 Australia
Wood Cave Nick & Maggie    Australia
Woodward   Jeffrey       
Wozencroft   Ivor 01656860266 UK
Wright Gibson Isabel   Canada
Wright Balfour Margret   UK
Wroe Albertze Ray & Norma    0169871415 South Africa
Wyatt   Jean     South Africa
Wykerd  Edwards Pauline     USA
Wynne Smith Hillary   South Africa
 Young     Jimmy and Betty 01501 731083 UK
 Younghusband      Gavin    035 787 0182 South Africa
 Ziell    Cyril     South Africa
 Zulch    John and Pat     South Africa

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