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Mufulira Contact List - Surnames F to J
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Welcome to the Mufulira Contact List. The Contact List is maintained alphabetically per individual's or couple's surname, where possible we have tried to include the maiden name of the wife (where applicable), as well as telephone or email details.

Please click on the letter of the alphabet below, for quick reference to our List - you can contact the person you are looking for IMMEDIATELY by calling or emailing them directly.

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Surname Maiden Name First Names Email Telephone No. Country
Farrier Rooberts Barbara 0119541771 South Africa
Farrier   Peter   South Africa
Leon   Favish   Israel
Fenton O'Reilly Mandy   United Kingdom
Ferguson Peterson Dave & Gail   South Africa
Ferris    Cathe   Australia
Finneran Sokolich Allen and Lettie   UK
Fisher   Adrian    
Fisher   Graham & Margaret 09 792 9945 Mufulira, Zambia
Flanagan   Bill    09 263 542 8234 Zimbabwe
Flanagan Haslehurst Maureen   SA
Fleischer Pike Vernon & Marphy   South Africa
Fleischer    Bobby   USA
Foote   Terry 0044 78 3399 5665 UK
Forder Beynon Ray & Lesley   West Australia
Fouche   Greg & Janil 0137581317 South Africa
Friskin Cochran Janet (011) 821 1611 South Africa
Froud   Norman & Cecily 0822149327 South Africa
Galloti   Des & Paddy  (011) 708-1875 South Africa
Gardner   Michael   UK
Garland   Jackie    
Gaydon   Johnny   082 361 7908 South Africa
Gainsford  Zulch Joan   South Africa
Garritson   Frank (083) 729 6777  South Africa
Geraghty   Clem (012) 347-600 South Africa
Getkate  Renaud Ingrid   South Africa
Gelman   David 011 4333742 South Africa
Gilbert   Eric   USA
Gilbert   Darryl 61893751622 W. Australia
Gilbert Stewart Mary Elizabeth   Canada
Gilchrist   James   South Africa
Gillieron Lubbe Val 016 371 1905
South Africa
Gilroy   Arthur and Helen   UK
Gilroy   Sharon 0131 654 2954 Scotland
Girdwood   Mike & Joy   South Africa
Gibbons    Ron & Eileen

036 637 5664

South Africa
Glen    David    South Africa
Glyn    Mathew   UK
Glossop Beard Audrey    (031) 312-4455 South Africa
Goldring   Bernard +27824575155. South Africa
Goosen    Graham    South Africa
Gordon Galloti Gerald & Gina (031) 207-4505 South Africa
Goss    Paddy (031) 465-4117 South Africa
Grant     Peter and Cherry   South Africa
Gray  Whelan Neil & Nuala  082 453 8006 South Africa
Green Beech   South Africa
Green   Vic   Australia
Gregory   Graham    
Gregory   Peter 26096781904 Zambia
Green   Brian    W. Australia
Gretton Sinclair Heather    South Africa
Green Beech Flora   0722986238 South Africa
Green Shaw Jackie 082 562 2618 South Africa
Grewar   Doug   South Africa
Grewar   Keith    
Griffiths    Roger   South Africa
Griffiths    Dave & Carol    South Africa
Griffiths    Patricia    South Africa
Grill    Beverley   Zimbabwe
Guest   Rob    
Gunn   Elaine  0828597371 South Africa
Haagman    Lorna 083  655 0571 South Africa
Haith   Philip    
Haldane   Anne 072 763 5501  South Africa
Hale   Robert   UK
Hall   Doug    
Hambulo   Martin    UK
Harris   John   South Africa
Harris   Mike & Margaret 01642 780616  UK
Harris   Mike & Patti   South Africa
Harrison   Tom & Diane   Canada
Harbor Werner Maureen & Mike   Australia
Harding Dacara Chris & Nattie UK
Harty   Sharleen 510.427.4582 (cell) USA
Hayes     Carol & Wally   UK
Haynes    Trevor & Clive   Kenya
Hartman    Ken   South Africa
Haw   Matthew   Canada
Hawkins   Danny   Ireland
Hawkins Galloway Helen   South Africa
Hawkins   Mark 016 23475924 UK
Haxton Denhim Anne   South Africa
Heath   George and Joan      
Heath   Lester    UK 
Hedges   Jean   UK
Hedges   Margaret    UK
Henry   George   South Africa
Hensey Orr Margaret   South Africa
Henriksen   Michael   UK
Hichens Beukes Beniece   0824933941 South Africa
Hill Winterburn Janet   UK
Hill Galloti Daphne   South Africa
Hind   Ian    
Hoar Knott Merlynne    South Africa
Hobson   Graham & Jaqueline   UK
Hodge   Joe & Kate   South Africa
Hopking   Alan +44(0)7890326763 UK
Hopking   Barry 083 303 6986 South Africa
Horbury   John & Jacqui   UK
Houston Kunzli Odette 082 299 8133 South Africa
Howell   Lyn 306 373 6031 Canada
Howell   Roy 306 373 6031 Canada
Hoyle Younghusband Shorty & Joclyn    011 818 4409 South Africa
Humphrey   Keith   Zimbabwe
Humphrey   Ollie & Pat 011 867 4770 South Africa
Hunt Cowie Pam and Billy   South Africa
Hunter Christmas Sue & Greye 0824467887 South Africa
Hutchinson Valentine Margie  011 807 6586 South Africa
Huges   Brian   Mufulira
Hughes   Gary  +56 999 18 3199 Chile
Hugo Walford Albert & Rose 021 554 1195 South Africa
Hugo Drew Judith   Australia
Hugo Tink Joyce  021 790 5541 South Africa
Hully De Jager Wallace & Moira   South Africa
Hunt Cowie Bill & Pam     South Africa
Hutson D'Elboux Ann    South Africa
Illion Michael 1-214-378-9727 Texas, USA
Jackson   Gordon 082 453 6594 South Africa
Jackson   Barry (021) 559-2625 South Africa
Jackson   Geoff

(021) 9132661

South Africa
Jackson Evans Margaret (021) 559-2625 South Africa
Jackson Otto Nigel & Yvonne (011) 764-3075 South Africa
Jackson Galloti Dianna (0263) 449-6143 South Africa
Jacobs   Roy   SA
Jagjivan   Vijay   UK
James   Isaac   South Africa
Jarvis Kenward     0119076676 South Africa
Jay   Stephen   UK
Jessup Robertson Joan   Australia
Jewsbury   Linda & Barrie 01244 375625 UK
Johnson Goodman Gail   UK
Johnston   Sue   South Africa
Jones Clarke Derrick & Kathy    South Africa
Jones Sayer Diana   New Zealand
Jones Salmon Patricia

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