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Various pics 1948 - ?

1st March 1961
Back Row: Sue Sheriff, Penny Sheriff,
Jill Smith, (me) Tilly Todd
Front row: Shirley Ford, Hilary Smith,(my sister)
Anne Smith (no relation) Philippa Papworth

alliancefr.jpg (64686 bytes)
A French evening at the
Alliance Francais
 in Muf about 1959
From the left is Mrs Audry Glyn, (don't know),
Fiona MacDonald,
Brian Taylor, Linda Gray, Zona Sams, Merle Geraghty
baseballteam.jpg (79894 bytes)
Mufulira Baseball Team
july1948.jpg (47550 bytes)
"July 1948"
In the 2nd row: Madeleine (nee) Bekker, Alan Wandry, Ben Surdat, Gail Wade?
Front row: ?,    Desmond Wandry,   ?,    ?
leon.jpg (81831 bytes)

leon2.jpg (77604 bytes) mineandplant.jpg (106810 bytes)
Mine and Plant
works area
September 1970
topshopsaerial.jpg (118042 bytes)
Top shops Mufulira
September 1970
mufmainshopsaerial.jpg (100459 bytes)
Mufulira main shops
September 1970

mineunion.jpg (63232 bytes)
Mufulira Mineworkers Union
Andy Roussos is in the back row extreme left, Usher front row
sitting left,
Frank Rezorzack in the front middle and
Ben Oddy sitting 3rd right
mufwedding.jpg (55206 bytes)
Mufulira wedding

newyears.jpg (40894 bytes)
New year's Eve 1967
This picture includes Frank and Lilian Smith, John and Maureen Lewis
Dai (?) and wife, Geoff (?) and wife

mcm.jpg (89400 bytes)
Aerial view

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