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   Photo Gallery Archive ELEVEN
Various pics FROM THE '40 AND '50S

Pics below: 
Muf Flying Club, Pipe Band and various 1950s photos


scan.jpg (89579 bytes)
Class of ?

purim1940s.jpg (37007 bytes)
Purim in the '40s

delboux.jpg (59067 bytes)
D'Elboux/Tennant Wedding

heynes.jpg (57715 bytes)
Heynes/Balfour Wedding

marsh.jpg (79815 bytes)
1957 on the Kafue Bridge
near Lusaka

waterpolo.jpg (61108 bytes)
1955 Water Polo Team

softballteam.jpg (52602 bytes)
Softball Team?

McQuattieseightball.jpg (92565 bytes)
McQuattie's eight ball 1974

coppermine.jpg (78322 bytes)
Copper Mine

std41964.jpg (182327 bytes)
Std 4 Muf 1964

stpats1955.jpg (44491 bytes)
St. Patrick's Day, Old Flying Club, 1955
60sfootballpic.jpg (63646 bytes)
A Muf Football Team
Mid Sixties
Alma_school.jpg (94442 bytes)
Mufulira Primary School
photo: 1951 or 1952
littletheatre.jpg (78653 bytes)
Crowd scene Little Theatre
mid sixties [Western Night]

coronationday1953.jpg (44899 bytes)
 District Commissioner etc on Coronation Day, 1953
mufcinema.jpg (44255 bytes)
Muf Movie House
mufshoppingcentre.jpg (48537 bytes)
Shops - Wellington Drive 1950s
mufmine.jpg (57761 bytes)
Selkirk & Boise Shafts

Mufflyingclub.jpg (71733 bytes)
Muf Flying Club
Muflyingclubar.jpg (58353 bytes)
Inside the Flying Club -
the cool guy on the left is member Geof Martin
mufswimpool.jpg (43445 bytes)
Swimming Pool 1950s
pipebandcaledonian.jpg (55644 bytes)
Muf Pipe Band at the Caledonian Games, Chingola 1956

Mufpipeband.jpg (100112 bytes)
Pipe Band 1956 -
L to R: n.k., Mike Cave, Alec Gordon, John McKenzie, 
Johnny Dundas, n.k., Dave Plumbley, Alec Beer, 
Jimmy King, Tommy Hunter, Ray Lee, nk, nk

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